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A World Class Magic Show that will amaze your audience!

Jack Wise is a multi award winning Magician, Comedian and Ventriloquist.

His Magic show is a roller coaster ride of Jedi like mind-reading, 
jaw dropping magic tricks and hilarious ventriloquism. 

A natural showman, he has delighted audiences all over the world with his razor sharp wit, incredible illusions and side splitting audience interaction. 

So if you've got an audience who have "seen it all before", it's time to introduce them to Jack Wise. 

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Corporate Comedian Jack Wise


Wedding Magician

Looking for  incredible wedding entertainment? 
Many Wedding Magicians perfect sleight of hand but few develop any comedic talent. As a headlining Comedian  and multi award winning Magician, Jack ​Wise ​has mastered both, which means unforgettable laughter and amazement for your guests.
His Magic show is a mix of amazing magic, mind reading and hilarious ventriloquism that will absolutely delight them! 

Corporate Entertainment

Do you need incredible entertainment for your corporate event? Look no further! Jack Wise's  outstanding Magic show and simple corporate entertainment philosophy of  -
"entertain everyone & offend no one" has made him "the choice" for corporate events all over the world.
When you book Jack Wise you get to relax safe in the knowledge that he will get the laughs and gasps and you'll get the applause for booking the finest party entertainment.

Wedding Magician & Comedian Jack Wise 2022
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