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Everything you need to know before booking a Magician ... or any entertainer

Updated: Jun 14

​​The performer you book can make or break an event. So whether you’re planning your wedding entertainment or organising the office Christmas party, here are a couple of hints and tips to ensure that you book the right entertainer...

Most important... What are the demographics of your guests? 

Discuss carefully with the performer ​what​​ material they will perform and the sensitivities of your audience and ethos of your company. Having seen some cringeworthy car crashes on stage, I decided early in my career to never do political, religious or sexual material in my show. 

Think about the space

Find out the performers technical requirements. It's an easy error for both parties to assume that the other will take care of it. I include sound, staging and lighting in my booking fee. The state of the art speakers I use are battery powered and powerful enough for up to 250 people. Why battery powered? They can be positioned anywhere in the room for optimal sound without running obtrusive cables that are potential trip hazards. It also means when performing at outdoor weddings or office barbecues and the weather changes, the speakers can be quickly moved indoors guaranteeing the show goes on!

Are they​ a​ full time pro?

It's a blunt question but asking an entertainer if​ it's​ their sole source of income is a really good move. There are many part-time magicians who are​ excellent​ but you need to make sure you don't end up with ​just ​a hobbyist who has a great website​.​ Performing magic is a particular skill, entertaining a room full of people is another. Make sure the entertainer you hire has both!

Where can I see you perform?

Unless you (or someone you trust) has seen a performer's full show, you are taking a big chance booking ​them ​on the strength of a few video clips on their website. 

​A​sk the entertainer where you can see them perform liv​e? ​If they aren't forthcoming with a couple of possible venues it means they just aren't getting bookings or more worryingly, they don't want you to see their show!

No insurance, no booking ...

Whether it's a magician, comedian or band​,​ they've got to be fully insured. In these litigious times, if a speaker falls over and hits a guest or employee they will almost certainly take legal action. If the entertainer doesn't have insurance​,​ the solicitors will turn their attention to you… the booker! Don't commit to the booking until you have received a copy of their insurance policy.

Book in advance -

A good performer is in high demand, especially during peak Wedding season or for Christmas party entertainment, so make sure​ ​to book well in advance to avoid disappointment. This is particularly important if you have your heart set on a specific corporate entertainer.

Help is a phone call away ...

Obviously requesting an onsite meeting or creation of a branded performance piece will incur a fee but picking up the phone and asking for advice costs nothing. Little hints and tips can make a big difference to the success of your event.

 As entertainers, we see the same mistakes being made over and over again so if you've got a question feel free to give me a call for an informal, no obligation chat.

Wishing you the best with your event.



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