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Freak out your Friends...

Hello. I hope you enjoyed the workshop.

Here is your complimentary copy of my Magic & Mindreading video.
Also,the golden rules of public speaking to guarantee you walk off stage to applause.  To download the video press play and the download symbol will appear. 


Learn Magic & Mindreading!

Learn Magic & Mindreading!

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The Golden Rules of  Public Speaking.


Make sure you and your presentation are appropriate for the event. 

What are you going to wear? Dress like you are going somewhere better later but make sure it is keeping with the event. 

 Stick to the old showbiz saying "when in doubt leave it out" by rehearsing your complete presentation in front of family and friends, preferably someone more conservative than you. If they dont like any of the humour in your speech drop it. 



Get to the venue early!
Ask where you will come on stage from and where you will walk off.  Walk the route!! 
Do a sound check, ask for the lights to be put on as they will be when you are on stage so you will know what it will be like.

Familiarise yourself with the mic and stand - take the mic in and out and adjust the height of it. Speak into the Mic so you will know how close to hold it for optimal amplification. 
Find out the name of the person who will be in charge of / operating the sound equipment when you are on stage.
Print your notes on index cards and number them. Use a hole punch and string to tie them together so you can hold them in one hand and turn them over easily. Also, if you drop them,they will remain in order.​



Your eyes are on the window to your soul so make eye contact and smile at your audience. 

Put arrows on your notes throughout the speech to remind you to look up and make regular eye contact throughout your presentation. 

Take your time - when we are nervous we rush so slowwww down! 


Remember the saying-
"The a
matuer does something till they can get it right.The professional does it till they can't get it wrong. 

So be a pro and sit down and imagine all the things that could go wrong and figure a solution for each problem eg.

 - a string might break on your guitar. Solution - borrow your friends and leave it to the side of the stage. 

Failing that, tell the audience when something goes wrong -  "Oops, I knocked over a glass of water".  
If you don't look bothered the audience will relax. In fact, it will make them like you more as you appear relaxed and in control. They will associate with you and your siuation which is the real secret to make people like you.. everybody has split a glass of water, right? 


If the sound equipment stops working, don't stand there like a plank!
Instead, if it's a small audience, raise your voice and tell them that the person who looks after the equipment
(you did find out their name when you arrived right?)  will fix it and you'll be back on stage in a minute.
Walk off and chill out. 

If it's a large audience and the mic goes dead, use mime -  Look at the mic, then look at the audience and shrug your shoulders. 
Point at your watch (whether you wear one or not) look at the audience and hold up one finger (not that finger :-) indicating that you will need one minute to solve the problem. Walk off stage and wait for the person responsible for the tech. to fix the issue. 

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